Stretch Marks

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks for good, you need a potent treatment delivered by an industry professional.


Our team of aesthetic industry experts is happy to provide you with comprehensive treatment options to address your hyperpigmentation.

Skin Rejuvenation

Due to its scope, effective skin rejuvenation must require professional attention to detail, attention that we are happy to provide you with.

Aging Skin

Bloom Med Spa is proud to provide several minimally invasive treatment options for improving aging skin signs and revitalizing your complexion.


At Bloom Med Spa, we address irritability through a specialized IV therapy blend.


If your headaches have become frequent and extreme, there is hope. Bloom Med Spa offers effective IV vitamin therapies.


Following testing and a complete evaluation of the factors contributing to your fatigue, we will provide you with IV vitamin therapy options to tackle the issue.

Excess Fat / Muscle Toning

Our excess fat and muscle toning treatment is designed to help you reach your personal wellness and beauty goals.

Wrinkles / Fine Lines

At Bloom Med Spa, our treatments tackle wrinkles and fine lines while addressing collagen loss.