What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Age spots, melasma, sun damage, and other signs of hyperpigmentation tend to become more prominent with age. The appearance of these age-related spots is often exacerbated by frequent sun exposure and environmental toxins. While using a lot of sunscreen and certain skin care products may help alleviate some of these issues, they don’t always go far enough. If you are in need of potent and effective treatment, we welcome you to join us at our Ventura County center. Our professional staff is prepared to provide you with exceptional treatment options delivered with care and precision.

What Causes Excess Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation issues are often caused by an abundance of overactive cells in our skin. The appearance of age spots, melasma, and sun damage on the face is in equal parts attributed to the “clumping” of melanin over time and the effect of ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Despite knowing the exact cause of these spots, their appearance isn’t predictable. Hyperpigmentation may appear gradually over time, or quickly within the span of a couple of months. In either case, this issue is rarely seen as a good thing and often tends to have a negative effect on one’s self esteem.

How Can Bloom Med Spa Help Me?

At Bloom Med Spa, our team of aesthetic industry experts is happy to provide you with comprehensive treatment options to address your hyperpigmentation. Each visit to our center includes a thorough consultation and analysis to determine your specific skin care needs. Afterward, we recommend the following treatment options:

  • Facial Treatments – Our facial treatment line features a range of peels made to exfoliate your skin and provide exceptional hyperpigmentation treatment.
  • Microneedling – This treatment induces collagen production, improving both the inner layers as well as the surface of your skin.
  • Platelet-rich Plasma – Our PRP for skin rejuvenation treatments stimulate collagen production and encourage gradual skin healing.


Woman receiving a facial treatment

Hyperpigmentation Reduction in Ventura County, California

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