What is Irritability?

Occasional bouts of irritability are a normal response to certain unpleasant events. However, sometimes negative feelings seem to spring up out of nowhere and make us question our happiness. Feeling persistently irritable goes beyond a single issue or situation and strikes at the root of our well-being. If you are dealing with a prolonged negative mood, then considering medical intervention may be the right step. At Bloom Med Spa, we offer IV vitamin therapy treatments to help alleviate symptoms of fatigue, pain, and irritability. If you find yourself in need of improved balance, we invite you to come in for a visit today.

What Causes Irritability?

Unfortunately, there is no one definitive cause for bad mood. However, common issues associated with this state of being are low blood sugar, depression, and vitamin deficiency, to name a few. These problems can sometimes escalate toward bigger issues if left unchecked. An effective way to address these issues is to take steps to regain balance and equilibrium. IV vitamin therapy can provide you with a nutritional boost and alleviate your irritability at its source. 

What Treatments Are Offered at Bloom Med Spa?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for healthy living and mood regulation. At Bloom Med Spa, we address irritability through a specialized IV therapy blend. This blend facilitates a gradual improvement in your mood and general attitude while restoring your body’s nutritional balance. In addition to helping irritability symptoms, B12 can also assist with sleep and energy levels, helping you feel more rested and energized throughout the day.


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Irritability Treatments in Ventura County With Bloom Med Spa

Irritability can be damaging not only to our personal well-being but to our community too. At Bloom Med Spa, we’re proud to provide our patients with effective IV vitamin therapy treatments to help them better regulate their health and their mood. Request an appointment at our center by calling (805) 994-8208 or clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.



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