Those of us who struggle with frequent bouts of stress and anxiety may often succumb to tension headaches or migraines. When these painful moments occur, they can leave us debilitated for hours. Though over-the-counter pain medication can offer temporary relief, those who struggle with frequent cases are often motivated to find more long-term solutions. If your headaches have become frequent and extreme, there is hope. Bloom Med Spa offers effective IV vitamin therapies designed to provide you with the relief you seek.

Struggling With Migraines?

Headaches can be either primary or secondary. While primary cases occur when the pain-sensitive structures in our brains become overactive, secondary headaches are caused by more severe underlying issues. These issues can range from dehydration to stroke and everything in between. In order to diagnose a headache properly, you need a doctor who will take the time to investigate the source of your pain. When you visit our center, Dr. Bloom will discuss your symptoms with you and help explore the possible causes of your headaches. 

How Can IV Vitamin Therapies Help With Headaches?

Headaches can strike at any time and for a number of reasons. After getting a thorough understanding of your medical history, Dr. Bloom will help guide you back to feeling like yourself again. Working with the rest of our dedicated staff, he will develop an IV vitamin infusion treatment to specifically address and improve your condition. Our IV vitamin therapies feature potent B12 vitamins calibrated to help relieve pain, improve energy, and restore healthy balance to your system. After a round of infusions, you may notice significant relief and improvement in your condition.


Woman with a headache

Treating Headaches in Ventura, California

Frequent migraines can be difficult to deal with alone. When you visit our center, we will take the time to evaluate your condition and provide you with effective vitamin therapy solutions to help you live pain-free. Request a consultation appointment to discuss your headaches today by calling (805) 994-8208 or clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.